Christophe Демко

Assistant professor in Computer Sciences


Laboratoire L3i

Dpt informatique

Avenue Michel Crépeau

La Rochelle University

17042 La Rochelle

Cedex 1


As an assitant professor since 1995, my research fields have evolved from language processing to formal concept analysis via image processing and fuzzy logic.

I am currently working on problems related to generalized convex hull in the context of formal concept analysis applied to complex and heterogeneous data.

I am currently in charge of the “Programming in C language” course in the second year of the computer science bachelor degree at La Rochelle University.

I am still very much influenced by my three decades of judo practice which reflects on my teaching practices as well as on my approach to academic research.


Nov 24, 2022 Moving to gitlab page.
Apr 7, 2022 Putting the academic CV online.

selected publications

  1. NPC
    NᴇxᴛPʀɪᴏʀɪᴛʏCᴏɴᴄᴇᴘᴛ: A new and generic algorithm computing concepts from complex and heterogeneous data
    Christophe DemkoKarell Bertet, Cyril Faucher, and 2 more authors
    Theoretical Computer Science 2020
    GALACTIC: A python3 framework for studying Formal Concept Analysis
    Christophe DemkoKarell Bertet, and  others
    Jan 2019
  3. FC+2M
    The fuzzy c+2-means: solving the ambiguity rejection in clustering
    Michel Ménard, Christophe Demko, and Pierre Loonis
    Pattern Recognition Jan 2000